I could be Batman

So I had this sort of idea for a drawing (1st pic)

I’m not crisp clean drawer so things like GUndam heads are WTF? I used like 3 toy heads for refs but they were all a lil different. Didn’t free hand anything, just a whole bunch of pen tool/straighline tool. Then added gradient shadows places, then base colour and highlights hoping it would sort of at least look metallic, then more colours and shadows and all the rest of the details. Oh also..I only really drew half then copied and flipped it that’s right, lazy.

3rd pic, sketches and lines, stiff boring pose. I fuck things up with line art often. At least I like his head and face. God damn lines.

all finished. It ended up not that exciting compared to the first but a little more Gundam Wing fan art out there never hurt. First time it was Zechs and Tallgeese, this time it’s after he joined the White Fang with the Epyon.

I like the first scribble drawing most XD

Something quick and fun. My cartoon self spoofing the opening to the 90’s Batman the animated series. Which is awesome btw.

Something quick and fun. My cartoon self spoofing the opening to the 90’s Batman the animated series. Which is awesome btw.

I’ve been slacking on this pretty hard, mostly because I’m tired after work and nap too long leaving me usually well under an hour of free art time if I even get to it at all :P

But for now I’m finished! The plan was to have another character back there, but I’ll do that some other time, just filled it in with blocky colours to show where she’d go. It’s going to be Beth, I’m not that into the shipping that occurs them so much, I just thought they were a really interesting contrasting pair. (I started this a few episodes back when they were burning stuff down etc)

Anyway, Daryl is a badass and The Walking Dead is gone until October? lol who knows when I’ll finish.

Sometimes I just ask people what I should draw. I got 2 walking dead suggestions, which I thought ok, sure I like it, I’ll try a couple, got this lil thing sketched out not really sure where I was going or how much time I was planning to spend on it for fun.

Then like a derp, I decided to try to colour it the way I’ve been practising lately. *turns fun sketch into long project*

lol so, not sure how far I’ll go with this. Until I’m bored or stuck maybe. But I share this for now.

*edits instead of spamming minor progress*

I pretty much slept all night after work so didnt do much on this tonight. I did however lighten up his facial hair it was a little too heavy, and tho I’m not going for 100% real life accurate I want it to be easily distinguishable as the character.

Just trying different approaches to stuff.

File it under things I won’t/can’t finish. Sorry Voi! you were a good guinea pig for my scribbling. :P <3

Sometimes if I’ve been drawing things for awhile I feel like I start to do things out of habit. So I stop. Sometimes I just go watch or read tutorials or just videos of other people drawing and painting. Try to pick up something I could maybe add to what I know so far.

First I decided to go back to some basics (back to? I never started in the first place) Just googled some pics to use as “models” and sketched them. I have always been way way too lazy to practice sketches and anatomy stuff so hopefully it’s something I can force myself into.

Second, I tried to pick up a few more techniques, or photoshop tips when it comes to colouring or painting, something I pretty much suck at. I just can’t refine blobs of colour into nice things without sketches and clean lines lol. I messed around for a little over an hour to get this, I kind of like it I’m just really slow and can only get as far as a face so far XP

Well all finished. Line art and sort of a basic colour block posted here with the final version. I’m sure I had something I wanted to explain as to why I did this or that but I forget lol. I worked on this on and off for awhile.

I still need to plan things out a lot more before hand instead of just messing around and making stuff up 60% of the way through XP but anyways..

Thundercats HOOOO!

The scribbly little doodle plan, rough sketch, and rough lighting plan for a Lion-O/Mumm-Ra piece.

I wanted hints of both 80’s and the most recent version of Lion-O, the more updated costume is better than the old blue underwear lol. For Mumm-Ra I just wanted him to look creepy, still in his decrepit mummy state ( I like him like that because he’s like some ancient evil sorcerer looking thing) but possibly on the verge of transforming. I should be able to fill the negative space with flashy magic shit or whatever, we’ll see :P

Thundercats, as well as Ninja Turtles we’re a big part of my childhood so being able to do cool fan art of it now feels cool to me.

Just a few of the sketches I did for some people over the past few days. I try to keep them quick so I can finish more in the time I have. The bottom 2 are just random doodles of a friends character to kill some time.

I’m workin on something right now and should have a WIP/rough sketch soon! an actual Thundercats fan art since I found the Cheetara sketch fun.

Random request doodle, Cheetara from Thundercats, based off the original cartoon more so than the new version, think I might have accidentally gave her a wild 80’s look anyway lol.

Didn’t spend long doing it, but spent more time on colour than I had planned.